Did China create the corona virus as a weapon of the third world war?

Did the Chinese military prepare the corona virus to make biological weapons in 2015, five years before the corona virus infection spread throughout the world? Is the People’s Liberation Army pursuing a policy that the Third World War will be fought not by conventional weapons, but by biological weapons such as viruses? Are Chinese microbiologists directly responsible for this?

At a time when more than two crore people have been infected with the corona virus in India alone and more than two lakh people have died , this question is bound to arise. These questions are once again arising because the Australian newspaper ‘The Australian’ has made a blatant revelation in the Corona virus case and directly blamed China for the corona.

Such allegations have been leveled against China earlier. The then US President Donald Trump and his foreign minister Mike Pompeo openly blamed the Chinese government, but ‘The Australian’ in its news named Chinese military scientists, and said Beijing had developed biological weapons. 

According to the newspaper, the Chinese Army had prepared a research paper in 2015 – ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Other Species of Manmade Viruses as Genetic Biopubes’.

‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’

In this, SARS Coronavirus was described as a ‘new age bio-weapon’ ‘By tampering with it, humans can be developed as a virus infection, after that it can be made a weapon and can be used as such. As it has not happened till date. ‘

Information about this research paper is given in the soon to be published book ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’. The book is authored by Shari Markson, and is being printed by Harper Collins, with a possibility to hit the market by September.

What is the matter?

Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings told news.com.au

“This is important because Chinese scientists were considering military use of different strains of the corona virus and were wondering how to deploy them. This is convincing evidence of military use of microbes.”

Peter Jennings, Executive Director. Australian Strategic Policy Institute

What did WHO say?

Many of the 18 authors of the Chinese paper were PLA scientists. 

People are also suspecting that China had spread the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrum (SARS) about 10 years ago and the family of which the virus was, is also the corona virus of the same family. 

A team from the World Health Organization led by its public health pathology department director Dominic Dwyer visited the Chinese city of Wuhan in January. After studying this team said in its report that the corona virus is a virus originally found in animals, it must have gone from there to humans. 

Dominic Dwyer told the US magazine ‘The Conservative’ in February that the corona virus may not have reached humans from China’s meat market. 

They said,

“We also went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, there is a fairly good system. We talked to the scientists, we heard that his blood samples had been tested, but no antibodies linked to the corona were found, we also looked at the bio audit report, we found no evidence that the Wuhan Institute had corona viruses .”

Dominic Dwyer, Director, Public Health Pathology, WHO

World Health Organization Director-General Tadrus Adename Ghebreyes said in March that we considered all possibilities, there was no evidence of corona virus outbreak from Wuhan Institute, we will continue to work on it further. 

India’s condition!

As far as India is concerned, the severity of the corona crisis is known every day with more than 4 lakh positive cases and about 4 thousand deaths, but now the government has released the statistics related to corona, including serious patients, what are they Give a hint? Is the corona more deadly than the first wave? Guess yourself from these figures. About 50,000 Corona patients are in the ICU. 14,000 are on 500 ventilators. And 1.37 lakh patients are on oxygen support.

These statistics are released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday. However, the report does not specify how many patients are in ICU status but are unable to get beds, how many patients need ventilators and how many patients have oxygen support. 

At the same time, according to the data released on Monday, there was some decrease in the last 24 hours and 3,66,161 new cases were registered. The number of deaths also decreased during this period and this figure stood at 3,754 as compared to 4092 deaths on the previous day. However, the reason behind this is also that on Sunday, 14.74 lakh samples were tested while on other days the figure is 18-19 lakhs. 


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