Jacqueline Fernandez Donates in Corona epidemic, again extended a helping hand, Pune Police praised

Jacqueline Fernandez has been working consistently in the Corona era. She once again came forward to charity in Corona. He assisted the Pune Police, following which the Pune Police thanked actress Jacqueline Fernandez on Twitter.

“The Pune Police thanked Jacqueline. She said she is grateful for the help and contribution to the Pune Police Foundation. This noble work will lead our team a long way. Those who are frontline workers in this epidemic. #WeAreTogether

Jacqueline Fernandez has recently launched her own foundation called You Only Live Once (YOLO), where many NGOs work together to help meet the needs of the people. The organization has claimed responsibility for feeding 1 lakh meals, street animals and donating masks and sanitizers among the Mumbai Police.

Jacqueline that this is her way of doing something for society and she has always been willing to come forward and help people in need. Even last year, she came forward and joined hands with the ‘Action Against Hunger Foundation’ to nurture the villagers of Patharadi and Sakur villages in Maharashtra.


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