Common Symptoms Of Corona Can Be Easily Eliminated Sitting At Home

If your corona report comes back positive and you have common symptoms then you can get relief from it by taking some special remedies sitting at home. Learn what to do …

  • Remove the corona sitting at home
  • If there are common symptoms , do this treatment
  • Learn what to do in common symptoms and get help

The second wave of Corona is sweeping the country. Many people have lost their lives to the corona virus. If you are experiencing common symptoms of corona , you can try some home remedies for it. It helps you and helps the immune system to recover. 
People are especially seen to be negligent after taking the vaccine. But the truth is that people are still showing symptoms of cough, fever and cold .  

These home remedies need to be adopted to eliminate Common Symptoms Of Corona

Keep drinking boiled water. If someone has a common cough or fever, start drinking boiled water immediately.
Put a piece of ginger in water to make a decoction and boil it till the water is halved. Now put basil leaves in it and drink this decoction 3-4 times a day.  

Eat fresh food

  • If you feel cough, fever, fatigue, you should eat fresh and hot food.
  • Try unsalted and mugi dal soup for lunch. 
  • Eat more than you need.  
  • Keep the stomach half empty after each meal.
  • Eat before 7pm if possible to avoid corona symptoms. This increases recovery.  

Take this spice

  • If you ever get fever, fatigue, cold, cough, you should start consuming cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and cloves in your meal without thinking.  
  • Mixing turmeric powder and ginger in the meal will give relief. Colds and coughs will go away.  
  • Due to its ayurvedic properties, this spice has the ability to remove the common symptoms of corona. 

Consume this vegetable

  • If you have a general fever or cough, start eating vegetables. 
  • Make sure the vegetables are well cooked.
  • Start eating raw salads and some vegetables like milk and karela. 
  • Avoid addiction. 

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