Declaration of ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after 11 days of bloody clashes, so much devastation

Good News for Israel and Hamas, both have agreed to a ceasefire on Thursday.

  • An 11-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas
  • More than 200 Israelis were killed
  • Life in Israel was largely at a standstill

More than 200 Israelis were killed

The 11-day war has left the Gaza Strip in turmoil. Life in most parts of Israel came to a standstill and more than 200 people were killed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet has approved a unilateral ceasefire to stop an 11-day military operation in the Gaza Strip. Media reports said the decision was made following pressure from the United States to stop the attack.

Israel said the ground realities would determine the future of the operation

Announcing the ceasefire, Netanyahu’s office said that his cabinet had unanimously accepted Egypt’s ceasefire proposal following recommendations from Israel’s military chief and other key security officials. The statement said that the operation also yielded significant achievements which are unprecedented. According to the statement, the political leaders stressed that the fact of the land would determine the future of the operation. The statement, issued by the Israeli PM’s office, described Hamas as a threat.

At least 230 Palestinians killed

At least 230 Palestinians have been killed, including 65 children and 39 women, according to Gaza’s health ministry. 1710 people have been injured since then. Israel, on the other hand, has killed 12 people, including a 5-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.

The American president applauded

With this, US President Joe Biden has confirmed the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. Biden has applauded Israel for the ceasefire. He said he supported Israel to protect itself from American terrorist groups. Biden said his administration will help ensure that the Iron Dome system is completed for the future. “I believe we have a real opportunity to move forward together and I am committed to working for this,” Byrd said.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas comes at a sensitive time for Netanyahu. Netanyahu, meanwhile, failed to form a majority coalition in parliament after an inconclusive election in March. His opponents now have till June 2 to type another authorities.

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