Gauahar Khan: Living in the bedroom with husband like this, video goes viral

Bigg Boss fame actress Gauahar Khan has just got married and she is always posting videos with her husband on social media.

  • Gauahar Khan shared the video 
  • The reaction people gave 
  • Bedroom video shared 

He has recently posted a video that is going very viral and he has also opened Bedroom Secret. Zaid and Gauahar are looking very casual. Zaid is wearing shorts and Gauahar is also seen in casuals. You can’t stop laughing as the video progresses. 

In the video, Zaid is seen keeping his feet close to Gauahar’s head and even Gauahar can’t stop laughing in the video. In the video he has written a caption that this kind of love too. Om Shanti Om’s song is also playing in the background of the video and the chemistry between the two is amazing.

Their reaction came a few hours but millions of people have seen the video and stocks. One user in the comment asked I don’t know if people have noticed but you look so beautiful smiling.

Gauahar , who lost his father some time ago, has  written an emotional caption by posting a picture of his father. Gauahar’s father had been ill for a long time and he had been ill since the lockdown. She was admitted to the hospital and has been sharing a picture of her father on social media for the last few days. 

Gauahar wrote that my hero, there was no one like you. My father has passed away in the form of an angel. Alhamdulillah. His demise was a testament to his beautiful life. In which he was the best soul. I love you so much.

Earlier, Gauahar had shared a picture of his father. In which he was seen loving Gauahar. This picture was of Gauahar and Zaid’s wedding. Gauahar wrote in the caption a father’s kiss.. Zafar Ahmed Khan … I love you so much. 

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