Can black fungus occur even if the corona is not positive? Learn what the expert says

Experts say that the disease (black fungus) does not live in the superstition that only positive people in the corona.

  • The disease can be transmitted even without corona. 
  • Patients with diabetes have a higher risk
  • The doctor of AIIMS also stated the reason behind this

The disease can be transmitted even without corona.  
Corona as well as black fungus is now proving to be a dangerous disease in the country and it has been declared an epidemic in many states of the country due to this disease. In the midst of all this, experts say that it is not necessary for a corona patient to get the disease, but cases of black fungus have been reported even though the corona has not occurred . 

Risk to Diabetics
Dr. VK Paul, a member of the Policy Commission, says that even before Corona, it was a black fungus. Medical-connected students were told it could also happen to patients with diabetes. Those whose diabetes is out of control, and who are at higher risk of this infection. Apart from this, many other diseases can cause black fungus . 

The doctor of AIIMS also said that the reason behind this is
Dr. “People whose blood sugar levels reach 700 to 800 are also at higher risk of developing black fungus ,” he said. Children and the elderly can also be affected by this disease. At the same time, AIIMS doctor Nikhil Tandon says that healthy people need not worry about this. Only people with low immunity are more at risk. Tandon says it could also be that the second wave of corona attacks more immunity than the first wave. Due to which cases of fungus are increasing. He said the second wave of corona has infected more people than the first wave. This is the reason why the cases of black fungus are increasing day by day. At the same time, steroids have been used more in the second wave.

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