Baba Ramdev caught speaking against English medicines

The Department of Health is engaged in every possible way to fight the corona epidemic. All the doctors, nurses and frontline workers of the country are working under limited resources and heavy mental pressure.

In such a situation, Ramdev has given a very objectionable statement which breaks the morale of the doctors, scientists of allopathy.

Ramdev is seen saying clearly in this video that, “Millions of people have died due to eating allopathic medicine. The number of people who died due to lack of oxygen to hospital, more deaths have occurred due to eating allopathic medicines. ”

Since the arrival of this statement of Baba Ramdev, the doctors have justified anger in their mind. The Resident Doctors Association of VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi have objected to this statement of Baba Ramdev, keeping in view of his statement and sought to register a complaint under the Epidemic Diseases Act.

In the statement of the Resident’s Doctors Association, it has been written that such commentary on the style of allopathy is a scorn of science. When such statements are made by a famous personality like Baba Ramdev, it is possible that hatred may arise in some parts of the society.

On the one hand, all the employees of Allopathy are fighting wholeheartedly against Kovid 19 day and night, on the other hand, objectionable statements like this from Baba Ramdev are coming out. This will harm the morale and energy of millions of employees working on the frontline.

This joint of doctors has sought action by placing Baba Ramdev’s comment in the category of hate speech. Baba Ramdev is definitely a supporter of Ayurveda and does not get tired of promoting it with his brand Patanjali.

He also launched the Coronil kit after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. There is no official confirmation of how effective the coronil kit is to fight the corona infection, but still there is confusion among the villagers due to the TV promotions.

After the second wave of Corona, the government’s failure is not hidden from anyone, but still Ramdev Baba questioned the doctors and scientists.

Baba Ramdev’s statement is like questioning the entire health system and the intentions of millions of health workers working day and night. It remains to be seen whether administrative action will be taken against such careless and inciting hate statements.

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