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Bengaluru: Kannada as the reply to a question in Google on ugliest language in India sparked an outrage because the Karnataka authorities determined it will problem a authorized discover to the tech chief, whereas that reply gave the impression to be a gaffe.

With folks expressing their indignation and leaders chopping throughout celebration traces slamming Google, it shortly eliminated Kannada because the ‘ugliest language in India’ and apologised to the folks saying the search outcome didn’t replicate its opinion.

Karnataka Minister for Kannada, Tradition and Forest, Aravind Limbavali advised reporters {that a} authorized discover could be served to Google for displaying such a solution to that query.

Later, he took to Twitter to specific his outrage and demanded an apology from Google to Kannada and Kannadigas.

Kannada language has a historical past of its personal, having come into existence as many as 2,500 years in the past, the minister mentioned and added that the language has been the delight of Kannadigas via the ages.

Exhibiting Kannada in poor mild “…Is merely an try by Google to insult this delight of Kannadigas. I demand an apology from @Google ASAP to Kannada, Kannadigas. Authorized motion will probably be taken in opposition to Google for maligning the picture of our stunning language!” Limbavali tweeted.

When contacted, a Google spokesperson mentioned, “search is not all the time excellent. Generally, the way in which content material is described on the web can yield stunning outcomes to particular queries.”

“We all know this isn’t ideally suited, however we take swift corrective motion once we are made conscious of a difficulty and are regularly working to enhance our algorithms. Naturally, these will not be reflective of the opinions of Google, and we apologise for the misunderstanding and hurting any sentiments.”

Former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy denounced Google in a sequence of tweets for the outrageous reply to the language query. He sought to know why Google “behaves in an irresponsible method” when it comes to language.

Others together with the BJP’s Bengaluru Central MP, P C Mohan slammed Google and requested it to apologise.

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