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Twitter has not yet sent the details of the Chief Compliance Officer to the government.

A couple of days after the government asked all social platforms to comply by the new IT guidelines, almost all major social media firms have followed suit. However, Twitter is yet to send the details to the Centre, sources said.

Most of the major social media intermediaries have shared the details of their Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer with Ministry of Electronics and IT, as required by the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

Significant social media intermediaries like Koo, Sharechat, Telegram, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. have shared details with the ministry as per the requirement of the new rules.

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Twitter still not following the rules

After a firm response from the government Thursday, Twitter sent a communication late last night, sharing details of a lawyer working in a law firm in India as their Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer.

The Rules require that these designated officers of the significant social media companies must be the employees of the company and resident in India.

Twitter has not yet sent the details of the Chief Compliance Officer to the Ministry.

Govt’s stern warning to Twitter

In a fierce response to Twitter over its statement raising concern over ‘potential threat to freedom of expression’ in India, the Centre on Thursday asked the micro-blogging platform to ‘stop beating around the bush and comply with the laws of the land’. 

“Twitter needs to stop beating around the bush and comply with laws of the land. Law making and policy formulations is sole prerogative of the sovereign and Twitter is just a social media platform and it has no locus in dictating what should India’s legal policy framework should be,” the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said in a statement. 

“Twitter’s statement is an attempt to dictate its terms to the world’s largest democracy. Through its actions and deliberate defiance, Twitter seeks to undermine India’s legal system,” the ministry went on to add in the searing statement. 

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