Covid-19 and jewelry: Easy dos and don’ts to bear in mind

Amid the pandemic, our manner of dressing up and carrying jewelry has utterly modified. With frequent handwashing and carrying masks being the first methods to maintain the virus at bay, persons are not sure of whether or not they need to put on jewelry or not as a result of coronavirus can survive on sure surfaces.

Chaitanya V Cotha, government director, C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers shares sure dos and don’ts for when carrying jewelry amid pandemic.

Don’t take away jewels when washing palms

Many individuals take off their jewelry whereas washing their palms. “That ought to completely not be completed,” stated Cotha, including that the virus can keep on surfaces for lengthy durations of time, and this could even imply jewelry – particularly metallic jewelry. “So, when you take off the jewelry, wash your palms, and put the jewels again on once more – you’re again to sq. one,” stated Cotha.

If the jewelry – maybe your ring or bracelet – has been contaminated with the virus; carrying them once more after washing your palms would merely deliver the germs to your hand. Subsequently, whenever you wash your palms, it’s inspired that you don’t take off your jewelry and wash it alongside. Cleaning soap and water can be greatest to eliminate undesirable germs from the jewelry and your palms.

Go for normal jewelry cleanse

There are some jewelry gadgets that don’t work nicely with water. For instance, silver may tarnish or lose its shine if washed with soapy water. Subsequently, for such jewelry, it is strongly recommended you go for normal jewelry cleanse.

Don’t use sanitiser on natural gems

Since hand sanitisers and a few anti-bacterial soaps can include harsh chemical substances, it’s unwise to make use of them on jewelry – particularly these with natural gems. For those who love carrying pearls, opals, and even corals, they might both need to take a backseat right now, or it’s essential to clear them in different methods and preserve them away from sanitisers.

Keep away from carrying watches

Sadly, if there’s one accent that’s in all probability greatest left in a drawer throughout this pandemic – is the watch. It is because many watches aren’t soapy waterproof. Subsequently, it may be a tad bit troublesome to de-contaminate the watch after it’s been exterior.

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