Cease consuming these meals gadgets earlier than sleeping to maintain weight problems at bay! | Well being Information

New Delhi: Weight problems has turn into a significant well being hazard. With COVID-19 restrictions, an increasing number of persons are staying at dwelling and main a sedentary way of life, which isn’t in any respect good to your well being. The lockdown has additionally led folks into binge consuming – a explanation for nice fear as it may possibly result in weight problems. One other main issue that results in weight achieve is consuming a heavy dinner. It is because there may be not a lot bodily exercise that you just undertake between your final meal and earlier than sleeping. Thus the fats from meals will not be burned and is moderately saved within the physique.

Based on food plan specialists Dr. Ranjana Singh, dinner must be eaten about three hours earlier than sleeping.

Dr Ranjan additionally lists some meals gadgets that ought to ideally not be consumed earlier than sleeping. They’re:


For those who eat noodles at night time, then the carbs and fat present in it may possibly spoil your well being. There may be completely no fiber in it and because of all these causes your weight can enhance quickly.


Candies have excessive sugar content material together with caffeine – each of that are dangerous for sleep as you may get a sugar rush and caffeine can take away your sleepiness. Excessive sugar content material in them can result in weight achieve. It’s higher to abstain from consuming candies after dinner.

Fried meals gadgets

Fried meals can enhance your weight quickly, as a result of fried meals incorporates carbs and fatty acids, which work to extend your abdomen acidity and weight. So attempt to eat gentle meals at night time which might be simply digested.



Some folks prefer to drink soda to digest dinner, however they comprise excessive sugar content material which works to extend stomach fats quickly. Due to this fact it’s higher to soda drinks earlier than sleeping.


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