AB de Villiers performs his ‘all time favorite track’, attracts response from Glenn Maxwell and Anushka Sharma – WATCH | Cricket Information

Former South Africa cricketer AB de Villiers took the web by storm by his singing expertise, a snippet of which was shared by the batsman himself on his Instagram deal with. 

Within the video, De Villiers may be heard singing “I will not surrender” by Jason Mraz, along with his spouse alongside.   

“On the 29th we celebrated my Father’s 70th bday and I had the privilege to carry out one in all my all time favorite songs with my stunning spouse.”  

“All of us interpret songs in our personal distinctive means, this track has a very particular which means to me and jogs my memory that God is at all times there, it doesn’t matter what occurs.” 

“Whereas singing this track on the 29th and searching throughout the room to my Dad, it additionally jogged my memory how fortunate I’ve been to have had my him by my aspect as a job mannequin for therefore a few years,” the T20 specialist wrote within the caption. 

Right here is the video:

De Villiers’ Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate Glenn Maxwell was fast to react and dropped: “That is actually an enchancment in your final efficiency” within the remark part.

The video was additionally preferred by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. 

In the meantime, the video was welcomed by the followers in addition to many questioned the cricketer in awe about something that he’s not good at. 

De Villiers is without doubt one of the few cricketers, who’ve breached the 5000-run mark within the historical past of the match. He at the moment stands sixth with 5056 runs from 176 matches at a median of 40.77. 

The previous South Africa has three centuries and 40 half-centuries underneath his title.  

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